Our quest to drug the undruggable.

Technology is the driver of innovation, which has accelerated our quality of life. We strive to improve the good and eliminate the bad. This includes our quest to address previously untreatable diseases, including various cancers.

Gertrude Biomedical is developing innovative small molecule inhibitors, using a molecular strategy to target poorly treated cancers.

We focus on a transcription factor called SOX18, which is our drug target and a master regulator of blood vessel and cancer cell programs, to switch off cancer.


Our double pronged, precision oncology approach includes:

• Strangling the blood vessels that feed cancer
• Killing the cancer cells that express SOX18

Our guiding light

SOX18, a transcription factor in the cell nucleus, is implicated in various hallmarks of cancer, including those labelled as:

  • Proliferation;
  • Inflammation; and
  • Angiogenesis.

Our approach and our medicines are multi-modal, targeting multiple hallmarks of cancer. Because of this, the future is looking bright!

Gertrude’s clear purpose is to leverage the power of transcription factors, creating new, small molecule inhibitors for cancer patients, to target and switch off processes that drive cancer growth and spread in patients.

Lighting the way

Our laser focus is on drug development to treat rare (orphan) cancers of significant unmet need, whose pathologies involve multiple SOX18-dependent pathways.


Our gene analysis of SOX18 and its ability to target multiple cellular processes enables us to develop novel, small molecule inhibitors that control gene expression in cancer cells.

This translates to significant commercial and clinical potential, beyond orphan cancers, in the much larger global oncology market.

Bright sparks!

Board and Management

Gertrude’s management team has a strong track record in a fast-evolving drug development landscape. Under their leadership, we are focused on building the team and capabilities to rapidly accelerate Gertrude’s drug development program.

Scientific Team

With our focus on finding innovative and transformational solutions for untreatable cancers, we have assembled a passionate team including experts in biology and medicinal chemistry.