Dr. Abel Anshabo - Research Scientist - Gertrude Biomedical

Dr. Abel Anshabo – Research Scientist

Dr. Abel Anshabo is a Research Scientist at Gertrude Biomedical with 7 years’ experience in preclinical drug discovery and development. He completed his PhD in Pharmacology at the University of South Australia (Adelaide) in 2021, focusing on the discovery and development of kinase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. Prior to pursuing an industry career, Abel worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, investigating the oral delivery of lymph-directed therapies. Abel has ample experience in cell biology, drug formulation and delivery, pharmacokinetics, and in vivo models of cancer. At Gertrude Biomedical, he will be involved in identifying relevant disease models for lead candidates emerging out of the drug discovery pipeline.