Dr. Nicole Lau – Business and Program Coordinator - Gertrude Biomedical

Dr. Nicole Lau –  Business and Program Coordinator

Dr. Nicole Lau is the Business and Program Coordinator at Gertrude Biomedical. Gertrude Biomedical is an Australian-based biomedical company developing small molecules that target the SOX18 transcription factor for therapeutic outcomes. She oversees the management of project activities to ensure smooth operations and communication across internal and external departments. Nicole completed her PhD training at the world-class Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to her career at Gertrude Biomedical, Nicole worked in a NATA-accredited, Phase 1 bioanalysis unit during the COVID pandemic, which gained her valuable clinical trial experience. Nicole then became a Research Scientist at Gertrude Biomedical and developed pivotal cell-based target engagement assays for the SOX18 drug discovery pipeline. As Business and Program Coordinator, Nicole hopes to push Gertrude Biomedical into the forefront of the drug discovery industry.