1.1 To the extent permitted by User, Gertrude Biomedical Pty Ltd disclaims all liabilities, warranties (express and implied), rights or conditions in relation to the Platform including, in relation to:
   (a) being defect-free;
   (b) merchantability;
   (c) compatibility with any particular hardware or software;
   (d) completeness, accuracy, quality, reliability, timeliness or otherwise of any information;
   (e) usefulness and functionality including in the absence of third party software;
   (f) quiet enjoyment;
   (g) fitness for a particular purpose;
   (h) title;
   (i) unauthorised third party access to and damaging of User’s data, software, websites, computers or networks;
   (j) User acting, or failing to act, on any information contained on or referred to in the Platform or Linked Sites;
   (k) Linked Sites, Linked Parties and Linked Products;
   (l) the lawfulness of the Platform or the services provided under or with respect to the Platform;
   (m) defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any user of the Platform; and/or
   (n) non-infringement of intellectual Rights.
1.2 User agrees and acknowledges that:
   (a) use of the Gertrude website, Linked Sites and Linked Products is at User’s own risk including in relation to any information or products contained in the Platform;
   (b) Platform is provided “as is” and “as-available,” with all Defects;
   (c) User has made User’s own enquiries and obtained User’s own advice (including financial advice) before using the Platform or entering into any transaction on the basis of or in reliance upon the Platform; and
   (d) no oral or written information or advice given by Gertrude creates any other warranties or in any way increases the scope of Gertrude’s obligations to User.
1.3 To the extent permitted by Law, Gertrude is not obliged to rectify any Defect.


2.1 User acknowledge and agree that the Platform may contain or Gertrude may provide to User:
  (a) links to sites on the world wide web owned and operated by third parties and which are not under Gertrude’s control (“Linked Sites”);
  (b) information with respect to third party businesses; and/or
  (c) third party advertising and marketing,
(individually and collectively, “Linked Parties”).
2.2 In relation to Linked Parties:
  (a) Gertrude provides the links and information to Linked Parties as a convenience to User;
  (b) the existence of a link to Linked Party does not imply any endorsement by Gertrude of:
      (i) such Linked Party; or
      (ii) products being offered by the Linked Party (“Linked Products”);
  (c) is not responsible for the material contained on Linked Sites; and
  (d) Gertrude gives no warranty, guarantee or representation with respect to the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the information contained on Linked Sites.
2.3 User should seek User’s own independent financial and legal advice before deciding to acquire any products from a Linked Party.
2.4 These Terms do not and are not intended to constitute legal advice.
2.5 Gertrude is not liable for any errors or omissions in the content of these Terms.


3.1 User acknowledges that User:
(a) has read and understood; and
(b) agrees to comply with,
the Privacy Policy.
3.2 User authorises Gertrude to engage third party service providers to assist Gertrude in processing information provided by User for business purposes only.
3.3 User acknowledges and agrees that the Platform is not intended for the use, storage, collection or maintenance of sensitive information pertaining to persons.

The Gertrude Biomedical Pty Ltd disclaimer was last updated on 20 June 2023.