Shining a light on transcription factors

Gertrude Biomedical is creating innovative and transformational oncology therapeutics, accelerating progress towards a brighter future for sufferers of untreatable cancers.

As a private, early-stage biotechnology company, our team is accelerating development of small molecule inhibitors against transcription factors to block the mechanisms of cancer growth and spread.

Our driving force

The team at Gertrude Biomedical is on a quest to drug the undruggable!

We combine expertise in transcription factors, medicinal chemistry, drug development and its clinical application to develop novel small molecule inhibitors that target transcription factors implicated in various cancers of unmet need.

The star of the show

Our focus is in developing small molecule inhibitors to SOX18, a unique target with significant commercial and clinical potential. By doing this, we can regulate gene pathways to inhibit multiple hallmarks of cancer.

Invest in our technology

We welcome back our existing investors and invite others to learn how we are engineering a bright future.

Gertrude Biomedical is illuminated by the driving force behind our team. Meet our bright sparks.

Our talent are light years ahead, driving momentum towards biomedical innovation. Find out why. Join our quest to drug the undruggable.