Prof. Matt Cooper - FRSC Non-Executive Director - Gertrude Biomedical

Prof. Matt Cooper, FRSC – Non-Executive Director

Prof. Matt Cooper is a medical researcher who has worked in academia and industry on platform technologies, diagnostics and therapeutics in cancer, infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.  He has founded 6 companies, most recently Inflazome which drove drugs from the lab into the clinic in less than 3 years with an acquisition by Roche in 2020. He has also had appointments as a NED, SAB member or consultant in more than 20 others, including Alere, Apax Capital, AstraZeneca, Cambridge Antibody Technologies, Forbion, GE Healthcare, OSI Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Solexa. Matt has more than 200 patents and 370 publications including > 25 in Nature & Science journals.  He is driven to help people who are sick.