Prof. Marc Achen - Non-Executive Director - Gertrude Biomedic

Prof. Marc Achen – General Advisory Board Member

Professor Marc Achen is a Laboratory Head at St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, and an expert in molecular aspects of vascular biology. He has published over 100 international research papers and has been an Inventor on over 70 patents. His current focus is on the function of lymphatic vessels in lymphoedema, a common side-effect of cancer surgery. Professor Achen’s industry experience includes involvement in founding Vegenics Pty Ltd, now a subsidiary of Opthea Pty Ltd. His commercialization experience includes collaborating with several biotechnology companies leading to five product candidates entering clinical trials. Professor Achen’s expertise in research and commercialization relating to vascular disease aligns well with Gertrude Biomedical’s focus on the vascular target Sox18.