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Targeting SOX18

Gertrude Biomedical is targeting a transcription factor in the cell nucleus called SOX18 which regulates gene pathways to manipulate multiple hallmarks of cancer.

SOX18 acts as a complex in the cell nucleus to  turn on and off many cellular proteins such as other transcription factors, receptors and secreted proteins.

Most therapeutics only target a single downstream protein.

Our innovative compounds will break apart the SOX18 complex to modulate multiple downstream pathways and cellular functions.

SOX18 mechanism VEGF imageslide.png
The multi-modality advantage of targeting SOX18 compared to other therapeutics is due to its upstream location in the cell nucleus.
There is a growing body of evidence for the role of SOX18 in cancer development and progression.

SOX18 has Broad Market Potential

The multi-functional nature of SOX18 translates to significant commercial and clinical potential beyond orphan indications.
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