Scientific Team

A/Prof. Mathias Francois

Scientific Advisor

Mat Francois.jpg

Prof. Francois is an internationally-recognized expert in the biology of transcription factor SOX18 and its role in lymphatic and blood vascular growth in disease. He was awarded the ASMR Queensland Premier’s award, a UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award and National Career Development Award for his work with SOX18. He has authored numerous seminal papers on SOX18 biology and drug targeting.

Dr. Frank Fontaine

Senior Scientist

Frank Fontaine.jpg

Dr Fontaine is a biochemist and cell biologist with 15 years’ experience in target validation and drug discovery. He authored seminal work on SOX18 pharmacomodulation and has specialised in assay development, drug discovery and preclinical optimization. Using natural product libraries, rich in novel scaffolds, he designed and established multiple automated screening platforms using technologies in biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, biophysics, transcription imaging, computational biology, genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.

Dr. Johannes Zuegg

Medicinal Chemist

Johannes Zuegg.jpg

Dr Johannes Zuegg is an organic and medicinal chemist with 20 years research experience, including 8 years commercial development. He has worked on developing and applying computational methods in different aspects of molecular/structural biology and medicinal chemistry. Dr. Zuegg expertise is drug discovery, hit-to-lead development, optimization of leads as drug candidates, ligand- and structure-based drug design, design of structurally diverse library, design for drug target validation and drug development (including in vivo and ADME/T studies).