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At Gertrude Biomedical, we target the genes that build blood & lymphatic vessels by blocking the activity of the SOX18 transcription factor. This approach 'short circuits' the gene programs that promote pathological vessels in disease.


Why Sox18?


SOX18 is a transcription factor, that turns 'on' the genes that are important in vascular development. The unchecked formation of new vessels drives cancer growth and spread (metastasis). ‘Switching off’ SOX18 activity to restrict vascular growth, therefore, is a critical step in targeting diseases that depend on vessels for tumour growth or metastases.

Our Scientists


Gertrude Biomedical scientific team combine world leading knowledge of SOX18 biology with leading drug discovery and expertise.

The Scientists
Frank Fontaine.jpg

Senior Scientist

Johannes Zuegg.jpg

Medicinal Chemist

Mat Francois.jpg

Scientific advisor


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