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Gertrude Biomedical at a glance

At A Glance

Gertrude Biomedical is developing innovative drugs that target multiple mechanisms responsible for the growth and spread of many poorly treated cancers.

Our target is a transcription factor in the cell nucleus called SOX18 which regulates gene pathways to manipulate multiple hallmarks of cancer.
Gertrude Biomedical PPT_v7_Large.jpg
We are developing drugs to treat two indications of significant unmet need, Kaposi Sarcoma and Angiosarcoma, whose pathologies involve multiple SOX18-dependent pathways.
SOX18’s ability to target several cellular processes translates to significant commercial and clinical potential beyond orphan indications.



To review publications relating to SOX18 studies, CLICK HERE.


For an update on meetings of interest that Gertrude Biomedical members are attending/attended, CLICK HERE.
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